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Aggie Aerospace Women in Engineering is a student run Texas A&M organization dedicated to supporting and encouraging women in the Department of Aerospace Engineering through personal and professional networking, while also providing programs that promote interest in our field. AAWE is open to students, alumni, or any others interested in industry or academic careers related to aerospace engineering, regardless of major or gender.


AAWE‘ s seven elected officers, known collectively as the Leadership Core, and our faculty advisor guide the organization and keep it running. The Leadership Core consists of:

  • Faculty Advisor
  • Chief Coordinator
  • Alexandria Howard

    Alexandria is a senior Aerospace Engineering Student. She has been involved in AAWE since 2012 and has previously served on the Networking Committee, and as the Internal Programs Chair.

    Chief Coordinator Duties:

    Presides at both general and officer meetings, makes sure agenda is followed in a timely manner and necessary decisions are reached, coordinates with the officers of the Leadership Core, serves as liaison to the Texas A&M Department of Aerospace Engineering, other universities, colleges, and corporations.

  • Treasurer
  • Kelli Fox is a senior in Aerospace Engineering from Houston,TX. Upon graduation in May 2016, she will commission into the United States Marine Corps and become a Marine Corps aviator. Throughout her time at Texas A&M University, Kelli has been a member of the Corps of Cadets, the Competitive Cheer Team, Recon Company, and AAWE. She also has enjoyed traveling to and studying in Brazil, India, and France. Kelli joined AAWE as a junior and is currently serving as the Treasurer.

    Treasurer Duties:

    Oversees all AAWE accounts, organizes the overall AAWE budget based on previous year expenditures, review all committee and event budgets and appropriate funds, oversee all sales, tax and legal issues for the organization, collects all funds from sponsors, members, etc. Pay all bills authorized by the Leadership Core and co-chairs the Funding Committee.

  • Secretary
  • Kimberly Barraza is a senior Aerospace Engineering student from Plano, Tx. She anticipates graduating in December of 2016 with her Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics. Through her time at Texas A&M, she studied abroad in Brazil, is a member of the Student Advisory Board, an Aero Ambassador and the Camp SOAR coordinator. Kimberly has been an active member of AAWE since the Fall of 2012 and has been Internal Programs Chair, Chief Coordinator and currently is serving as Secretary.

    Secretary Duties:

    Maintain records of membership and the listserv, eecord minutes of all general and officer meetings and ensure they are available for posterity, keep track of all attendance at general and officer meetings, advertising the organization’s general meetings and events around campus and the community, maintaining a website for the organization, creating AAWE shirt designs, sending regular e-mail updates to members, and co-chair the Communications Committee.

  • External Networking Chair
  • Kaycee Dillon

    External Networking Duties:

    Primarily responsible for organizing events, activities, and resources that connect talent, funds, and opportunities available outside of the University with AAWE for the purpose of enriching our members. The ExtNet chair also co-chairs the Networking Committee.

  • Internal Programs Chair
  • TBD

    Internal Programs Duties:

    Organizes events, activities, and resources that connect talent, funds, and opportunities available within the University with AAWE for the purpose of enriching our members. The IntPro chair also co-chairs the Programs Committee.
  • Social Chair
  • Samuel Rangel

    Samuel Rangel is a senior Aerospace Engineering student from Edinburg, TX. He anticipates to graduate in May 2017 with his Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering witha Minor in Mathematics. Samuel has been a member of AAWE since fall of 2013 and is currently Social Chair. Aside from being involed in AAWE, Aerospace Student Ambassadors, and Supplemental Instruction Leader, he has been a Peer Teaching Assistant for Foundations of Engineering 111 & 112 since Fall of 2014. He hopes to one day see AAWE grow in membership.

    Social Chair Duties:

    Responsible for activities that are primarily social in nature, reserve rooms for AAWE meetings and activities, buying refreshments and meals for all meetings and social events, and co-chair the Social Committee.

  • Outreach Chair
  • Tyler Bryant

    Tyler Bryant is a senior Aerospace Engineer from the Woodlands, Tx. He has been a member of AAWE since the Fall of 2013 and served as outreach chair since the fall of 2014. He does undergraduate researh and has previously worked with SEC on the Spark conference, developing a project for kids aged K-12th grade. He will be graduating in the Spring of 2016 and hopes to continue with Grad School.

    Outreach Chair Duties:

    Primarily responsible for organizing events, activities, and resources that connect talent, funds, opportunities, etc. available within AAWE to outside groups for the purpose of enriching non-members, contact and inform all incoming freshmen engineering students of AAWE’s available opportunities, including the end of the year banquet, and co-chair the Communications Committee.


Each committee is created to help with planning and execution of events. If you are interested in getting involved, be sure to check out AAWE‘s committees, which are open to all members! The AAWE committees are:

  • Funding & Social Committee
  • Led by the treasurer and social chair, this committee is responsible for planning, organizing and carrying out all fundraising and social events for AAWE. Merchandise sales, finding sponsors, arranging catering for meetings and coordinating several social events are also conducted by this committee.

  • Communications & Outreach Committee
  • Led by the secretary & outreach chair, this committee is responsible for becoming involved with other organizations within Texas A&M, reaching out to younger generations through programs or events, advertising the organization’s events around campus and the community. It also helps maintain the website for the organization, as well as creating AAWE shirt designs. AAWE strives to help non-members enrich themselves through different activities and participates in community service projects to give back to those in need and supporting our fellow organization.

  • Networking Committee
  • Led by the external networking chair and internal programs chair, this committee is responsible for creating connections between AAWE members and companies in the aerospace industry as well as within Texas A&M. Activities and responsibilities include, organizing seminars and workshops on skills related to aerospace engineering with presenters from inside and outside the University, organizing externships with aerospace-related companies, coordinating visits to industry company sites and forming a mentorship program connecting professional with students.Joining this committee will give you the opportunity to have hands-on leadership experience by being a project lead on projects within the committee.

If you would like to join a committee you can fill out an application HERE




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