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Texas A&M University
SAE Aero Design Team

About Our Team

The SAE Aero Design Competition challenges students to design, build, and fly a radio controlled airplane capable of lifting an internally stored payload within design constraints. The university’s team is student organized and run by senior and junior team leads who direct the subteams composed of a wide range of students from freshmen to seniors. The team is structured to emulate the real-world engineering environment where business and technical aspects of the design must be considered.

The students follow a design process much like what is used in the engineering industry. Team members are encouraged to innovate and develop ideas and support them with technical analysis and experimentation. This leads to a teaching philosophy unlike a classroom environment and more like a workplace.

Pictured below is the 2018 team with the competition aircrafts.

2017 Plane

If you are interested in joining our team

We will begining recruiting for the 2018-2019 team March 2019.

You can email us your resume and which team you are interested in joining at and for any questions you may have.

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