The Aeroelasticity Research Group at Texas A&M University

      Department of Aerospace Engineering
701 Harvey Bright Building, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
(To see the Texas A&M University Texas Buzzard autonomous reconnaissance UAV, click here)


The Aeroelasticity Research Group is dedicated to the study of fluid-structure interaction in air vehicles. The group has studied many different types of static and dynamic aeroelastic behavior and has developed methods for predicting and controlling these behaviors.

The current focus of the group is an Air Force (AFRL) project studying the dynamic behavior of a flexible wing in a transonic flow field. This problem considers the nonlinearities in both the structural and aerodynamic models. The study is driven by the development of high altitude UAVs with very high aspect ratio wings, such as the NASA Helios shown below.

NASA Helios High Altitude, High Aspect Ratio UAV



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