Photos of the Texas A&M Nonlinear Aeroelastic Testing Aparatus (NATA)


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Wind Tunnel Cross Section and Data Processing PC
Another Shot of the Tunnel and Data Collection Equipment
The NATA Carriage Underneath the Wind Tunnel. As Seen Standing Outside the Tunnel Facing the Test Section.
Another Shot of the NATA Carriage Under the Tunnel. Note the Nonlinear Pitch Cam
From the Ground Looking Straight Up At Underside of NATA Carriage. Clearly Visible Are the Nonlinear Pitch Cam and the Plunge Carriage. The (linear) Pitch Cam is Also Visible on the Left. The Wind Tunnel Flow Direction is From Top to Bottom in this Picture.
View of the NATA Carriage from Upstream Looking Toward the Test Section.
Another View of the Bottom of the NATA Carriage Clearly Showing the Nonlinear Pitch Cam (made of wood) and the Linear Plunge Cam (near the top, made from plexiglass).
The Wind Tunnel Test Section. The Wing Section is Not Installed in this Picture, However the Mounting Plate is Visible. The Wing Section Spans from the Floor to the Ceiling of the Test Section.
Another View of the Test Section with The Door Open.
The Mounting Plate for the Wing Section. This Mounting Plate is Attached to the NATA Carriage Below.


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