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One snowbird a little late leaving for Florida
One VERY clean hangar
Water condensation around a B-2 Stealth Bomber
Vortices from the wing strakes on a Navy Blue Angels F-18 at high angle of attack
Another picture of the vortices from the strakes on an F-18 at high alpha
Anybody got a cigarette?
Overpressurizing a fuselage can have very bad effects
An Air Force Thunderbird pilot ejects after nearly realizing the lethal consequences of miscalibrating his altimeter at an air show in Idaho. Note the fully deflected elevators and leading edge control surfaces as the pilot was desperately trying to pull up. See video of the crash below.
An F-18 lands with very damaged wing and tail
The brakes may be malfunctioning on this 747
Shock wave induced condensation around an F-18
A sidewinder air-to-air missile accidentally launched from an F-18 on the deck of an aircraft carrier creates some excitement
The missile clears the deck, amazingly without hitting anything
These lions have found a unique place to cool off
Somebody's going to get fired


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Video of the Air Force Thunderbird crash at an airshow near Mountain Home, Idaho in September 2003. The crash occurred when "the pilot incorrectly climbed to 1,670 feet above ground level instead of 2,500 feet before initiating the pull down to the Split S maneuver" according to the crash report.